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Page Background



Contributing to large scale deployment of deep sea

offshore wind turbines,


An internationally leading research community on

offshore wind technology enabling industry partners to

be in the forefront.



Precompetitive research laying a foundation for

industrial value creation and cost-effective offshore

wind farms. Emphasis is on “deep-sea” (+30 m) including

bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.

Key issues


Innovations, knowledge building and education aiming

to reduce the cost of energy from offshore wind farms.


NOWITECH is organized with a General Assembly (GA),

a Board, a Centre Director, a Scientific Committee (SC), a

Committee for Innovation and Commercialisation (CIC) and

a Centre Management Group (CMG).

The research activities are organised into three work

packages (WPs): Substructures and numerical tools (WPA),

Operation & Maintenance and Materials (WPB), Grid and

Wind Farms (WPC).


Excellent research work directed towards industry needs

is carried out. A total of 40 industry relevant results and

innovations are in progress. This includes new software

tools, processes and technology. The results of NOWITECH

are migrating to commercial use, licence agreements, and

business developments.

The educational programme provides for first-rate

recruitment opportunities for the industry. NOWITECH

has so far financed 25 PhD students and 5 post-doctoral

researchers. In addition, 10 PhD students and 2 postdocs

on offshore wind energy are on-going at NTNU with finance

from other sources, but carried out in alignment with


The scientific work is of the highest international standard

with 190 peer-reviewed paper and more than 20 invited

keynotes at international conferences since start up.

Very significant spin-off activities have been achieved.

Since the start, more than 60 new projects with an

accumulated budget in excess of NOK 1500 million have

been initiated with participation of one or more of the

research partners in NOWITECH. These projects are with

separate contracts external to NOWITECH, but carried out

in alignment with NOWITECH providing added value.

Value for Industry Partners

Excellent research with significant budget and duration

directed towards industry needs

First-rate recruitment opportunities from strong master,

PhD and Postdoc programme

A high gearing of research expenditures and first

access to detailed results for business development

Access to international network and strategic position

in important European forums

Knowledge and innovations contributing to reduced

cost of energy from offshore wind farms

40 innovations

Figure 2: NOWITECH has focus on “deep sea”, i.e.

+30 m water depth, both bottom-fixed and floating

technology. A key target is innovations reducing

cost of energy from offshore wind farms. Main areas

of research are numerical modelling, materials,

substructures, grid connection, maintenance and


NOWITECH is an international precompetitive NOK 320 million (2009-2017) research co-

operation on offshore wind technology co-financed by the Research Council of Norway,

industry and research partners.