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Annual Report 2015



Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

33 Sande, E.S.


Fatigue Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures with the Frequency

Domain Method.

34 Ommedal, H.K.H.


Cost of flexibility in the future European power system.

35 Overgård, I.E.


Reliability-based Design of a Monopile Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines based

on CPT Data.

36 Grønningsæter, E.K.

M Tidal Boundary Layer Flow in Coastal Zones.

37 Johannesen, S.


Portfolio Optimization of Wind Power Projects.

38 Ghidey, Hiruy

M Reliability-based design optimization with Cross-Entropy method.

39 Saccoman, M.Y.J.


Coupled Analysis of a Spar Floating Wind Turbine considering both Ice and

Aerodynamic Loads.

40 Ziegler, L.S.


Probabilistic estimation of fatigue loads on monopole-based offshore wind turbines.

41 Fechner, S.

M Preprosessering av meteorologiske data for atmosfæriske teoretiske/numeriske


42 Bakkom, O.E.

M Computer-aided optimization of an offshore jacket for a wind turbine with a

simplified load model.

43 Hetland, J.

M Numerical Modelling of a Pile Model test with Focus on Small-strain Stiffness.

44 Bidne, A.

M Formal Safety Assessment of Dynamically Positioned Vessels.

45 Wiklak, P.A.

M Parameter study of power production in wind farms – experimental investigation of

interaction of two wind turbines in tandem array.

46 Aanonli, A.K.


Floating Wind Turbines in Oil and Gas Activity.

47 Ceccotti, C.


Parameter study of electric power production in wind farms.

48 Spiga, A.

M Parameter study of elect

ric power production in win

d farms.

The NTNU master students listed above are as recorded at

with “offshore wind” as

topic for their master thesis.