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Annual Report 2015



Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology


Journal and Peer Review Papers


Sethuraman, L.; Xing, Y.; Venugopal, V.; Gao, Z.; Mueller, M.; Moan, T.; “A 5 MW direct-drive generator for

floating spar-buoy wind turbine: Drive-train dynamics”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science


Nematbakhsh, A.; Bachynski, E.; Gao, Z.; Moan, T.; “Comparison of Wave induced Response of a TLP Wind

Turbine Obtained by CFD Method and Potential Theory”; ISOPE 2014; Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth

(2014) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference; Busan; Korea; June 15-20, 2014


Nematbakhsh, A.; Gao, Z.; Michailides, C.; Moan, T.; “Comparison of experimental data of a moored

multibody wave energy device with a hybrid CFD and biem numerical analysis framework”; Proceedings

of the ASME 2015


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turbine using computational fluid dynamics and potential flow theory approaches”, Applied Ocean

Research, Vol 53


Bachynski, E.; Chabaud, V.; Sauder, T.; “ Real-time hybrid model testing of floating wind turbines:

sesitivity to limited actuation”, Energy Procedia, Vol 80


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along a Wind Turbine Blade”, ISOPE 2015, Document ID ISOPE-I-15-235


Endegnanew, A. et al; “ Integrated modelling platform for dynamic performance assessment of floating

wind turbines”; Energy Procedia, Vol 80


Spro, O.C. et al; “ Influence of technical limitations and operation on sizing of an offshore energy storage

connected to an offshore wind farm”; Energy Procedia, Vol 80


Nejad A. R.; Guo Y.; Gao Z.; Moan T.; “Development of a 5 MW reference gearbox for offshore wind

turbines”, Wind Energy, ISSN 1099-1824

10. Nejad, A.; Bachynski, E.; Kvittem, M.I.; Luan, C.; Gao, Z.; Moan, T.; “Stochastic dynamic load effect and

fatigue damage analysis of drivetrains in land-based and TLP, spar and semi-submersible floating wind

turbines”, Marine Structures, Vol 42

11. Nejad, A.; Bachynski, E.; Gao, Z.; Moan, T.; “ Fatigue Damage Comparison of Mechanical Components in a

Land-Based and a Spar Floating Wind Turbine”, Procedia Engineering, Vol 101

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on Industry Applications; Vol 50 (2014)

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wind turbine”, ISOPE - International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Proceedings / 2015,

ISBN 978-1-880653-89-0

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wind turbine”, Marine Structures, Vol 40

15. Svendsen, H.; “Grid model reduction for large scale renewable energy integration analyses”, Energy

Procedia, Vol 80

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modelling for system”, Energy Procedia, Vol 80

17. Magnusson, N; Eliassen, JC; Abrahamsen, AB; Nysveen, A; Bjerkli, A; Runde, M; King, P; “Design aspects

on winding of an MgB2 superconducting generator coil”; Energy Procedia, Vol 80

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for resonant overvoltage vulnerability”; IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulaton, Vol 22,

Issue 2

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at high Reynolds number”, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering; Vol 284

20. Dai, L., Stålhane, M., Utne, I.; “Routing and Scheduling of Maintenance Fleet for Offshore Wind Farms”;

Wind Engineering, Vol 39, Issue 1