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Annual Report 2015



Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

Master Degrees during 2015 in offshore wind at NTNU


Gender Topic

1 Visser, N.

M Experimental set-up of the Double Slip Joint.

2 Nous, R.J.M.

M A Dynamic Approach to Evaluating the Effect of Slamming on a Jacket Foundation

Template Lowered Through the Wave Zone.

3 Centen, I.H.


Predicting scour around offshore wind turbines using soft computing techniques.

4 Smilden, E.

M Preventing Tower resonance Induced by Thrust Variations on a Large 10 MWWind


5 Golieva, A.


Low Short-Circuit Ratio Connection of Wind Power Plants.

6 Voortman, R.L.B.

M State-of-the-art design methods for wind turbine towers.

7 Khentalov, V.A.

M New end fitting based on bolted joints with composite structures.

8 Kolparambath, S.K.

M DC/DV Converters for Multi-terminal HVDC system for Integrating Offshore Wind


9 Paust, H.S.

M Finite Element Modeling and Structural State Estimation of a Bottom Fixed Offshore

Wind Turbine.

10 Vittori, F.E.

M Design and Analysis of Semi-submersible Floating Wind Turbines with focus on

Structural Response Reduction.

11 Dondero, D.

M Time-domain Global Response Analysis of a Novel 5 MW Semi-submersible Wind

Turbine Considering the Effect of second-order Wave Loads

12 Hartviksen, H.

M Application of Scaling Laws for Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators in Wind


13 Dharmawardena, H.I.

M Modelling Wind Farm with Frequency response for Power System Dynamic Studies

14 Høivik, Ø.

M Flexible distribution network.

15 Lu, Shining


DC Cable Short Circuit Fault protection in VSC-MTDC.

16 Llado, M.G.

M Structural Reliability Analysis and Robust Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Support


17 Trygsland, E.

M Numerical Study of Seabed Boundary Layer Flow around Monopile and

Gravity-basedWind Turbine Foundations.

18 Eliassen, J.C.

M Winding and Testing of Superconducting Coils.

19 Borenius, R.

M Kombinert vind- og bølgekraft.

20 Nesje, B.


The need for Inertia in the Nordic Power System.

21 Melaaen, C.S.

M The impact of outages on the profitability of HVDC –cables between the Nordic area

and the continent using the EMPS model.

22 Valaker, E.A.

M Droplet Erosion Protection Coatings for Offshore Wind Turbine Blades.

23 Raknes, N.T., Ødeskaug, K.


Optimal Scheduling of Maintenance Tasks and Routing of a Joint Vessel Fleet for

Multiple Offshore Wind Farms.

24 Smelvær, I.S.


Analysis of the Norwegian-Swedish Market for Green Certificates Using the EMPS


25 Venås, C.

M Life cycle assessment of electric power generation by wind turbines containing rare

earth magnets.

26 Frimann-Dahl, J.F.

M Experimental Validation and Design Review of Wave Loads on Large-Diameter


27 Ødegård, J.N.

M Laboratory Demonstration of Frequency Support Provision from VSC-HVDC-connected Full Converter Wind Turbines.

28 Xu, Kun

M Design and Analysis of Mooring System for Semi-submersible FloatingWind Turbines

in ShallowWater.

29 Bjørnsen, G.S.

M A Comparison of methods for Estimation of Fatigue and extreme Mooring response

for a Floating Spar Wind Turbine.

30 Løken, T.K.

M Energy Systems on Autonomous Offshore Measurement Stations.

31 Grøtting, H.

M Small Water Plane Area Solutions for Access of Offshore Wind Turbines.

32 Krathe, V.L.


Aero-Hydro Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine.